Cancer incidence in the Western Amazon: population-based estimates in Rio Branco, Acre State, Brazil, 2007-2009

Incidência de câncer na Amazônia ocidental: estimativa de base populacional em Rio Branco, Acre, Brasil, 2007-2009

Juliano de Pádua Nakashima Rosalina Jorge Koifman Sergio Koifman About the authors

Cancer incidence rates vary widely in Brazil. The literature on the subject for the western Amazon region is scarce. This study aimed to determine cancer incidence in the population of Rio Branco, Acre State. A total of 718 new cases were recorded during the study period. Among men, the five leading cancer sites were prostate (ASR 75.1), stomach (ASR 23.0), lung (ASR 19.1), colon and rectum (ASR 9.5), and leukemia (ASR 6.9). Among women, they were breast (ASR 41.5), cervix (ASR 41.3), lung (ASR 11.8), colon and rectum (ASR 11.0), and stomach (ASR 7.7). These indicators reveal that Rio Branco has a cancer incidence pattern that overlaps with epidemiological cancer patterns observed in developed and developing regions. The results of the study point to the importance of implementing a population-based cancer registry - currently nonexistent in Rio Branco - as a factor to promote analysis of incident cases of the disease and monitoring of its evolution.

Neoplasms; Incidence; Disease Registries

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