Level of physical activity in adolescents from Niterói, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Rosane C. Rosendo da Silva Robert M. Malina About the authors

This study focused on levels of physical activity (PA) in adolescents from Niterói, Rio de Janeiro. Adolescents (n = 325) from the public school system filled out the physical activity questionnaire (PAQ-C) developed by Crocker et al. (1997). Anthropometric data (body mass, stature, and body mass index) and television (TV) viewing time were also assessed. Mean PAQ-C scores were 2.3±0.6 and 2.0±0.6 for males and females, respectively (p < 0.01). Mean TV times were 4.4 h/day and 4.9 h/day for males and females, respectively. The most popular PA was soccer for boys and soccer and walking for girls. Adolescents in the sample tended to be more active on weekends as compared to weekdays. PAQ-C scores classified 85% of boys and 94% of girls as inactive individuals. These results pose a concern as to the high prevalence of inactivity in this age group, which increases the probability of inactive adults. However, other studies are needed to investigate PA throughout adolescence and the determinants of PA in Brazilian adolescents.

Physical Activity; Adolescence; Adolescent Health

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