Comparative antiproliferation of human prostate cancer cells by ethanolic extracts of two groups of Brazilian propolis

Antiproliferação comparativa de células prostáticas humanas por extratos etanólicos de dois grupos de própolis brasileira

Two groups of propolis, group 12, which was collected in the southeastern Brazil and group 13, which was collected in the northeastern Brazil, were examined for antiproliferation of primary malignant tumor (RC-58T/h/SA#4)-derived human prostate cancer cells and human prostate epithelial cells. The strongest inhibition of RC-58T/h/SA#4 cells was observed in propolis group 13 extracts, whereas moderate growth inhibition was observed in human prostate epithelial cells in comparison with group 12. It can be said that the Brazilian propolis of group 13 contains important chemical ingredients.

prostate cancer; antiproliferation; propolis

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