Physical and chemical evaluation of chocolate cake covered with gelatin, stearic acid, modified starch or "carnaúba" wax edible icing

Cibele Cristina Osawa Luciana Cristina Brigatto Fontes Eduardo Henrique Walter Miranda Yoon Kil Chang Caroline Joy Steel About the authors

Biodegradable edible icing or frosting is an alternative to synthetic packaging that causes environmental concerns. This work evaluated the effect of different types of frosting on the physical-chemical properties of chocolate cake during storage in comparison to cakes without icing or frosting (C) and cakes without frosting packed in polypropylene (CP). The following frostings were applied to the cakes: 10% gelatin (GE), 10% gelatin with 10% stearic acid (GE+SA), 18% "carnaúba" wax (CW), 10% modified starch (MS), and fondant (FO). The cakes were analyzed during 10 days of storage. FO and CP presented the lowest mass loss while all other treatments presented higher values than C. GE, GE+SA, and CP presented the lowest reduction of water activity while CW and C presented the highest reduction. The surfaces of the frosted cakes were harder than C and CP. The highest values for hardness and chewiness were found for CW and C and the lowest for CP, GE, and GE+SA. With respect to color, GE+SA was different from the remaining cakes due to the presence of the stearic acid. The results indicate that the mass loss of the cakes could also be attributed to the loss of water from the frostings.

chocolate cake; edible coatings; mass loss; water activity; texture; color

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