Sensorial and microbiological characteristics of freshly cut apples with edible coating

The aim of this work was to evaluate the sensorial and microbiological characteristics during the refrigerated storage of Royal Gala fresh cut (FC) apples treated with conservative solution and edible coating (dextrin, cassava starch and sodium alginate). Freshly cut apples treated with a conservative solution are only really close to the natural ones for presenting characteristics similar in parameters of appearance, odor and texture. In the flavor parameters, this treatment revealed a different flavor to the natural one due to acids and salts found in the conservative solution. The alginate coating was presented visibly thicker and brightly, which the tasters had associated as being a characteristic of artificial appearance. Considering the storage time, the majority of significant alterations in the evaluated sensorial parameters were disclosed on the 5th day of storage for FC apples in the standard apples and mainly on the 9th day of storage for the treated ones. Salmonella was not detected in apples used in this work. Fecal and Total coliforms were not detected in FC apples during the whole storage period of this study.

apple; minimally processing; edible coating; sensory evalution; microbiology

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