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Packing and refrigeration for atemoya preservation

Ana Veruska Cruz Silva David Guimarães de Andrade Paula Yaguiu Marcelo Augusto Gutierrez Carnelossi Evandro Neves Muniz Narendra Narain About the authors

Despite the increasing commercial interest in atemoya in Brazil, this fruit has a very limited shelf-life. The present work intended to evaluate the storage of atemoya cv. Gefner under different packing systems and cold storage periods. A factorial of 3 x 5 completely randomized design was used (three packing systems: control (unpacked), individually packed with PVC films, and placed in polyester trays wrapped in PVC film for five different storage periods), with three replicates. Weight loss, skin and pulp color, Soluble Solids (SS), Total Tritable Acidity (TTA), vitamin C, pulp pH, and water activity at harvest were recorded every three days of storage. Modified atmosphere did not influence the skin color, but it preserved the pulp brightness and reduced weight loss of the unpacked fruits. SS and TTA levels increased during the storage of unpacked fruits as did the vitamin C contents. Cold storage was efficient for the atemoya preservation, which presented good appearance after 15 days of storage.

Annona cherimola x A. squamosa; modified atmosphere; postharvest quality

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