The avocado oil (Persea americana Mill) as a raw material for the food industry

Healthy life habits and an adequate diet, together with a high intake of fruits and vegetables, are associated with reducing the risk of diseases and maintaining health. The avocado oil has bioactive substances that can prevent and control the hyperlipidemia. Since there is little scientific research evaluating the oil potential for human consumption, the present work studied the extraction and refining process of the avocado oil. Firstly, the pulp was extracted from the fruit. The fresh pulp was dried in a stove and then grounded for obtaining the bran. The oil obtained from de bran was extracted and characterized. The results showed that the extraction and refining process of the Margarida avocado variety is technically feasible, and it is an excellent raw material for the food industry. Besides, the fatty acid composition and the sterols presents in the avocado oil are similar to the olive oil. Thus, the avocado oil can substitute the soybean oil, or it can be mixed with the olive oil offering the Brazilian consumers a product of high quality and low cost.

avocado oil; cholesterol; sterols; vitamin E; oleic acid

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