Propolis analysis

Cristiano S. Funari Vicente O. Ferro About the authors

The goal of this work is to contribute in establishing routines for the quality control of propolis, including the identification of its botanical source(s). For this reason, we present an analysis in accordance with the Brazilian Agricultural Ministry recommendations (organoleptic evaluation, loss on drying at 105ºC, determinations of extractable and non-extractable matter and determinations of ash, wax, flavonoids and total phenolic contents) and comparative chromatographic analysis (HPLC) between propolis and its expected vegetal source. With the exception of the "drying loss test at 105ºC", all the parameters were within the limits established by the Ministry of Agricultural to guarantee the identity and quality of propolis. Our results suggested that the species Baccharis dracunculifolia DC, was the vegetable source of the propolis from Serra do Japi (São Paulo State)/Brazil. Identification of the acids artepillin C, para-coumaric, ferulic, chlorogenic, caffeic and trans-cinnamic and of the flavonoids kaempferide and isosakuranetin in propolis and plant was possible.

propolis; phenolics; flavonoids; alecrim-do-campo; Baccharis; vassourinha

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