Guava Jam packaging determinant attributes in consumer buying decision

Atributos determinantes da embalagem de goiabada na decisão de compra dos consumidores

Maria Inês Souza Dantas Vânia Nakajima Damiana Diniz Rosa Fábia Oliveira Andrade Camila Canzian Hércia Stampini Duarte Martino About the authors

Using packaging and labels to lure consumers and to communicate product benefits directly on the shelf is a competitive advantage factor in the food industry sector. The label is especially effective since besides supplying basic details, such as weight, ingredients, and instructions in compliance with governmental regulations, it attracts consumers' attention and the desire to buy and which often becomes synonymous to the brand name. The objective of this study was to obtain detailed information on consumers' attitudes, opinions, behavior, and concepts regarding guava jam packaging using the focus group technique. The results showed that label color and design, packaging type and information, and brand name and price are determinant attributes in the consumers' decision to buy guava jam.

focus group; guava jam; packaging

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