Antibiotic residues in Brazilian UHT milk: a screening study

Resíduos de antibióticos em leite UHT

Gilberto Poggio Fonseca Adriano Gomes Cruz Jose Assis Fonseca Faria Ramon Silva Mirian Ribeiro Leite Moura Lucia Maria Jager Carvalho About the authors

The aim of this research was to carry out a screening study to check the incidence of antimicrobial residues in Brazilian UHT milk according to rapid yoghurt method. Of the 100 (100%) samples analysed, 96 (96%) showed no traces of antibiotic residues while 4 (4%) indicated probable presence of antibiotic residues. The results suggest that the Brazilian Sanitary Surveillance Agency should apply continuous monitoring programs in order to obtain a safe product offering no health risks to consumers.

antibiotic residue; UHT milk

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