Calcium bioavailability of raw and extruded amaranth grains

Biodisponibilidade do cálcio do grão de amaranto antes e após extrusão

Calcium bioavailability of raw and extruded amaranth grains was assessed in a biological assay in rats. Rats were fed for 28 days on diets in which raw or extruded amaranth was the only calcium source, compared to a control diet with calcium carbonate. Calcium and phosphorous levels were determined in the rats' serum during the experimental period and in the bones at the end of the experiment. Amaranth extrusion increased its calcium bioavailability, assessed by tibia and femur weights and calcium and phosphorous content of the bones. Apparent calcium absorption index, the force needed to break the bones and bone densitometry of both extruded and raw amaranth were the same, though different from the control group. The results show that amaranth can be a complementary source of dietary calcium the bioavailability of which is favorably modified by the extrusion process.

novel foods; densitometry; calcium absorption; rats; antinutritional factors

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