This special issue of D.E.L.T.A is the result of the collaborative work of an experienced group of linguists from several universities who work on Systemic-Functional Linguistics (SFL) and who are concerned with researching language in society at different levels, from education to the media and the training of researchers and teachers in general or in language in particular. Most of the authors belong to Graduate Programs and have PhD and/or MA advisees in the fields of Linguistics, Applied Linguistics, EFL/SLA, and others.

Systemics Across Languages (SAL) is an international project, which involves China, Japan, Thailand, Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, and Mexico. Its primary focus is on Linguistic Typology oriented by SFL and the descriptions of the languages spoken in the member countries. The project is coordinated by Christian Matthiessen and Kazuhiro Teruya, both from the Polytechnic University of Hong Kong, and Leila Barbara, from the Catholic University of São Paulo, Brazil. SAL-Brazil involves a well-known group of Brazilian linguists from eleven universities (UFSM, UFSC, UERJ, UFV, UFOP, UFLA, UnB, UEPB, UFPB, UFRN, and UFPA), whose main concerns are focused on the investigation of written texts in the Sciences, the Media, or specific texts for training researchers within a vast area of knowledge.

SAL-Brazil aims at producing an in-depth description of written Portuguese in different genres, using Corpus Linguistics as a methodological procedure. By doing so, the project also provides linguistic materials for writing a manuscript of a genre-based grammar of the Brazilian Portuguese. Part of this work has been published in journals and has given ground for PhD dissertations and MA theses, in addition to having produced teaching materials and promoted biannual meetings convened by Leila Barbara at the Catholic University of San Paulo, in Brazil. All this work has received great support from Christian Matthiessen (PolyU), who has been working closely with Michael Halliday, founding father of SFL. Christian Matthiessen is presently concerned with the understanding of the fundamentals of cross-linguistic phenomena aiming at publishing typological analyses in different languages.

Last but not least, I would like to acknowledge the authors for having dedicated part of their precious time to write the papers that appear in this volume and Désirée Motta Roth's text who has honoured me sharing the organization of this volume.

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    20 May 2013
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