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Pela primeira vez, and its Syntactic-semantic.complications

In this paper I concern myself with the Portuguese expression "pela primeira vez"(= Engl. "for the first time") and with the ambiguities that its occurrence entails in sentences as "Ana e Juliana tocaram juntas pela primeira vez em Campinas no concerto de Natal de 1955" (=Ana and Juliana performed together for the first time in Campinas during the 1955 Christmas Concerto") Claming that "pela primeira vez" assigns precedence in time to a particular event among others of the same type, I speculate on the conditions in which different PPs belonging to the same sentence are taken as defining the relevant type of events. The reflections in this paper are intended to be a tiny fragment of the semantics of events, which is itself a part of aspectology.- an area of linguistic research that Professor De Castilho investigated...for the first time in Brazil three decades ago.

Events; Event Semantics; Scope; Adjuncts; Circumstances; Numerals

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