Systemic Functional Linguistics as appliable linguistics: social accountability and critical approaches

LSF como linguistica aplicavel: explicatividade social e abordagens criticas

Christian M.I.M. Matthiessen About the author

This article is concerned with the relationship between Systemic Functional Linguistics (SFL) and Critical Discourse Analysis (CDA), and with SFL as a resource for socially accountable academic work. First it locates SFL within the general category of appliable linguistics (as opposed to either theoretical or applied linguistics), an approach to the study of language that is also designed to be socially accountable. Then, against the background of SFL, it traces the development first of Critical Linguistics and then of CDA, also identifying other influences incorporated within these traditions. Next, it compares CDA with other orientations within discourse analysis from the perspective of SFL, and proposes the notion of appliable discourse analysis (ADA). This leads to an overview of the dimensions of ADA, and finally to the question of the place of ADA within a general appliable linguistics.

Systemic Functional Linguistics; Appliable Linguistics; Critical Discourse Analysis; Critical Linguistics; Appliable Discourse Analysis

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