What do the patient do as he/she speaks? Patient's narrative under a discursive-pragmatic perspective

Tatiana PICCARDI About the author


When interacting with health professionals, what do sick people do as they speak? How is human communication performed within complex practices such as the ones concerned with health? This paper is aimed at a reflection over these issues to support the understanding about human communication when focused on the agency of subjects within a given discourse. It is also intended to cooperate with the reflection over the importance of narrative not only as a space of intermediation for the practice at issue, but rather as a new way for the construction of knowledge, including scientific knowledge. The perspective that passes through all the parts of the reflection is pragmatics, which understands language as being performative (Austin, 1975) and a place of excellence for the construction of identity (Rajagopalan, 2006, 2006a, 2003, 2003a).

Speech act; discourse; narrative; medical practice

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