Still on the possibility of a "critical" linguistics: performativity, politics and racial identification in Brazil

Kassandra MUNIZ About the author


To write having in mind Austin's and Rajagopalan's thinking, concerning the field of language studies, more specifically the field of Critical Linguistics, is also an act of writing about how the concept of performativity moves the idea of truth so appreciated by Science in order to promote the possibility of thinking about a relationship between language and identity that is not solely based on fixed or limited concepts. It is primary then to bring this to the field of race relations in Brazil, given that the linguistic identification of black man or woman in our country is a matter of political contingency. In this sense, we are interested in this Article to: (i) discussing the relationship between science, language and racial identity in the field of the language sciences; (ii) inquiring into the place of linguistic research from the point of view of the issues of African-descendants.

Critical linguistics; Politics; Decolonization; Racial identification

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