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Prevalence of sleep bruxism in children: A systematic review

Eduardo Machado Cibele Dal-Fabbro Paulo Afonso Cunali Osvaldo Bazzan Kaizer About the authors


Prevalence of sleep bruxism (SB) in children is subject to discussions in the literature.


This study is a systematic literature review aiming to critically assess the prevalence of SB in children.


Survey using the following research databases: MEDLINE, Cochrane, EMBASE, PubMed, Lilacs and BBO, from January 2000 to February 2013, focusing on studies specifically assessing the prevalence of SB in children.


After applying the inclusion criteria, four studies were retrieved. Among the selected articles, the prevalence rates of SB ranged from 5.9% to 49.6%, and these variations showed possible associations with the diagnostic criteria used for SB.


There is a small number of studies with the primary objective of assessing SB in children. Additionally, there was a wide variation in the prevalence of SB in children. Thus, further, evidence-based studies with standardized and validated diagnostic criteria are necessary to assess the prevalence of SB in children more accurately.

Sleep bruxism; Bruxism; Prevalence; Child

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