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“Pensar com” José Mário Pires Azanha a elaboração do porvir educacional brasileiro1 1 Ao final do artigo será possível encontrar uma nota biográfica que aborda a trajetória de José Mário Pires Azanha.


In the hopeless situation of devastation imposed upon the world’s population in 2020, concerns about the possible directions for education soon lead us to look for different proposals for an education based on values of care for humanity. This article discusses the educational thought of José Mário Pires Azanha and examines educational possibilities, formulations and actions he proposes in his theoretical production and professional activities. Azanha brings structuring elements to the debate about schools, pedagogical work, and the relations between teachers, students and educational research, as he anticipated the pedagogical commitment to social justice expressed by the universal access to education in São Paulo’s history. Bringing together thought and action, Azanha elaborates scientific propositions and policies based on a model of educational research and constitution of pedagogy that considers life and schoolwork as social constructions, valuing the autonomy of teachers and schools in developing an institution’s political pedagogical project. Thus, this study hopes to understand our classical pedagogical thought. The idea of “classic” is taken from Italo Calvino.

José Mário Pires Azanha; Brazilian pedagogical thought; Social justice in education; School life

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