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Economic relations between Brazil and Africa: the African-Brazilian Chamber of Commerce and the business interchange on the African market

The text's objective is to answer three major questions: Under which motivations did the African-Brazilian commerce reach a noticeable growth between the 70's and the 90's? What are the perspectives presented to whoever Brazilian businessman that wants do some business in Africa? Nowadays, how are the businesses that began back then? Making use of bibliographical research and interviews with executives who have worked in Africa, besides specialists in exterior commerce, it was concluded that during this period the Brazilian government gave generous contributions to undertakings that focused on the African market, by stimulating the creation of companies and directing operations to that continent. With the end of this privilege policy, many companies bankrupted, while others remained with their activities. An example of the latter is the Chamber of Commerce, that points out the difficulties in creating new business opportunities, and this demands an administrative reevaluation. At the same time, the history of the Chamber teaches us important lessons to executives who want to do business on the African market. It concludes that, in spite of the reduction of the public support and the changes on the Brazilian intern and extern economic environment, the commercial opportunities on the African market really exist and cannot be ignored by the businessmen, who tend to misjudge Africa as a whole, given the negative aspects shown by the press. Besides, many American businessmen are unaware of the quality of our products and services.

Brazil; international commerce; Africa; international economic relations; African-Brazilian Chamber of Commerce

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