Comparison of simulating benches of corn seeding

There are 180 options for corn seeds distribution for all sizes released by seed companies in the horizontal seed plate system. Using simulating benches of the seeding process has been employed as a tool for the seed and plates companies for indicating the best option for each batch of seeds. The purpose of this study was to evaluate the bench simulating process of seeding in two formats, covered with felt and coated with grease. The treatments were made based on the draft rules of ABNT (1996), and were fitted with combinations of speeds of 3; 5; 7 and 9 km h-1; the densities of 4.0; 4.8 e 5.6 seeds m-1 and the level of seeds full, medium and ¼ of the reservoir. The treatments were arranged in a complete randomized design with ten replicates, each replicate contained a total of 75 seed. The experiment was divided in two parts, in the first all variables were analyzed with in a rubber mat lined with felt, then later the mat was coated with a layer of grease. We evaluate the percentage of failures spacing, multiple, acceptable and the coefficient of variation. It was concluded that there was no difference in the use of the two formats of bench simulating process of seeding.

speed of seeding; seed density; level of the reservoir and distribution

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