The public health nursing in the Distrito Federal: the influence of the goldmark report (1923 to 1927)

Mary Ann Menezes Freire Wellington Mendonça de Amorim About the authors

Study of historic-social nature based on documental analysis. About the influences of Goldmark’s Repor t about the organization of nursing in public health after the process of Carlos Chagas’s Reform, 1923 - 1927. Objective: To identify the circumstances in which occurred the first proposals to organize the nursing of public health during the Carlos Chagas’s Reform; To analyze the implications on Goldmark’s Report for the organization of knowing and doing in nursing of public health, in the Republic’s Capital on the decade of 1920. We can mention, as one of the implications of Goldmark’s Report on the nursing of public health organization in the ¨Distrito Federal¨, the change of Standard Curriculum that was adopted by School of Nursing of National Depar tment of Public Health face to the one of their central questions that was intended to create a balance in the theoretical-practical teaching, that surely would arise reflection in the knowing and doing of the public health’s nurses.

History of Nursing; Public Health; Health Policy

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