The nurse in fundamental education: challenges in the prevention to alcohol consumption

Gertrudes Teixeira Lopes Margarida Maria Rocha Bernardes Laura Vargas Acauan Ingryd Cunha Ventura Felipe Edna Gurgel Casanova Bruna Kelly de Jesus Lemos

This study comes from some questions made by drug researchers about insertion of the nurse as promotional health agent in the fundamental school. Objective: to reflect the acting of the nurse in the fundamental school as agent in the prevention to alcohol consumption. This work shows that the prevention, as a sum of actions that aim at preventing problems caused by improper use of the alcohol, is a field that enables the nurse to develop activities of prevention in different scopes, along with the students, their families and the teachers. The reflections in this text about the work of the nurse as agent educator in fundamental level schools aiming at to the prevention to the alcohol use do not make a vindication nor recriminates the consumption, but consider the school as a privileged territory for the incorporation of knowledge on health, replacing the repressor approach by the orientation one to the youth.

Nurses; School Health; Health Promotion; Alcohol Drinking

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