Alcoholic intoxication in children and adolescents: information from an intoxication control center

Magda Lúcia Félix de Oliveira Ivonete Arnauts About the authors

Alcohol abuse is one of the biggest social and health issues of our time. This study aims to characterize the toxicological occurrences among children and teenagers aged to 18 years-old, hospitalized because of alcoholic intoxication and notified in an Intoxication Control from 2003 to 2007. The present work is a retrospective study, with qualitative analysis of the data. 338 occurrences were found. It was observed that alcohol abuse occurred mainly among the masculine sex, being weekends, the night time, and intense use of most often occurrence. Violent acts associated with alcoholic intoxication have increased 12 times the chances of hospitalization and it has been observed a significant relation between the chronic use and the intensification of clinical seriousness. We suggest studies on the subject and the implementation of preventive politics and strategies, having teenagers and children as the main audience.

Alcoholic Intoxication; Adolescent; Registry

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