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The family of the technology-dependent child: fundamental aspects for hospital nursing practices

The objective of this article is to discuss the significant changes that occurring inside of the organization of the families related to the care of a technology-dependent child (TDC). We carried out a qualitative study, using half-structured interviews for data collection. Research subjects were four TDC's families. Four dimensions for family changes were outlined: emotional, social, financial and impact on daily activities. We observed that changes really occur within TDC's families. And these changes are multidimensional. The complexification of the health-illness state and technology dependence remains a challenge for service organization and for approaching hospital staff, thus it becomes necessary to rethink disease-centered care and include the family in the therapeutical process. In this sense, this study points to the relevance of developing family-centered care model suitable for the hospital's quotidian.

Disabled Children; Nursing; Family

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