Surveillance at health in nursing: the case of medications without prescription in children

The self-medication is a common habit in our country and has always been very discussed and a controversial subject. Many mothers rely on the practice of medicating their children without medical prescription when they present any symptoms from a disease, even if this disease is not confirmed. This research aims to describe the reasons that led the mothers to administer medications without prescription by professional to their children. 20 mothers of children under 10 years enrolled in the program for Growth and Development of Family Health Facility of Passage city, have been interviewed in the interior of Rio Grande do Norte. Among the 20 mothers interviewed, 30% gave over-the-counter medications to their children, such as Antipyretic, 50% self-medicated due to fever, 43% were motivated by past experience and 90% reported no adverse effects. The self-medication in the child population points out the need for better information to mothers about the self-medication risks.

Self medication; Child; Mothers

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