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Participatory action research in the empowering process of brazilian women in the context of international migration

This study aimed to create a personal and political space for the empowerment of a group of Brazilian immigrant women living in Melbourne, Australia, to reflect upon their lives, the causes and solutions for their problems, and to estimulate a collective action in changing with quality. Based on a participating action research, a group of 18 Brazilian women elected three major problems as a focus of the cycle of reflection-action: the lack of social interaction within the Brazilian community and integration into Australian society, the lack of social support to cope with health problems, and barriers to healthcare. Group reflections provided an opportunity for women to plan, act and evaluate their own intervention strategies. Some women group's accomplishments included the development of seminars and the creation of an Association. In this study, the participatory action research was a process to trigger participants' empowerment through group affiliation, community bonding, and collective action.

International Migration; Qualitative Research; Women's Health

Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro Rua Afonso Cavalcanti, 275, Cidade Nova, 20211-110 - Rio de Janeiro - RJ - Brasil, Tel: +55 21 3398-0952 e 3398-0941 - Rio de Janeiro - RJ - Brazil