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Establishing action/interaction strategies for care delivery to hospitalized children with chronic conditions

Thiago Privado da Silva Marcelle Miranda da Silva Leila Milman Alcantara Ítalo Rodolfo Silva Joséte Luzia Leite About the authors

The study aimed to understand the action/interaction strategies adopted by the nursing staff for care to hospitalized children with chronic conditions. Complex Thinking and Grounded Theory were used for theoretical and methodological reference, respectively. There were 18 participants who were organized in three sample groups: nurses, nursing technicians and their families. The semi-structured interview was used and the data analysis followed three stages of coding: open, axial and selective. In this article, the category Signaling attitudes and practices in inter-retro-actions of nursing care and its subcategories were discussed. The nursing team used dialogue, qualified listening, empathy, appreciation of family, teamwork, trust, professionalism, the playful, affection and spirituality as action/interaction strategies for care to hospitalized children with chronic conditions.

Pediatric Nursing; Nursing Care; Chronic Disease

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