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The environmental theory by florence nightingale in the teaching of the nursing school Anna Nery (1962 - 1968)

The present paper is a social historical study. Aims: to show the characteristics of Florence Nightingale's Environmentalist Theory and to analyze the application its concepts in teaching "fundamentos da enfermagem" at EEAN. Sources: "Novo Manual de Técnica de Enfermagem", 4th edition, by Elvira de Felice Souza; books; laws; theses; dissertations; and scientific papers. The Manual provides principles for proper performance of the nursing care practice, by citing actions that give to the sick person physical, mental and spiritual well-being. These principles agree with Florence Nightingale's thoughts about the importance of the implementation of a nursing care characterized by the conditions of recovery, healing and rehabilitation that are related to the quality of the environment. Conclusion: the teaching practice at the time focused not only on the correct nursing techniques development, but also on the practice of actions that would ensure a holistic care through the assistance based on society's moral values †and ethical principles of the profession.

History of Nursing; Nursing Theory; Education Nursing

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