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Working in the street clinic: use of IRAMUTEQ software on the support of qualitative research

Maria Terumi Maruyama Kami Liliana Müller Larocca Maria Marta Nolasco Chaves Ingrid Margareth Voth Lowen Viviam Mara Pereira de Souza Dora Yoko Nozaki Goto About the authors



This study aims to know, through basic lexicography, the most recurring vocabulary on a report from a typical work week lived by professionals from the teams of the Street Clinic in a city located in the South of Brazil.


It is an exploratory qualitative research, which was attended by health professional members of the Street Clinic. Data were obtained through interviews, which were processed in IRAMUTEQ software and analyzed by the word cloud.


The most common word was "people", in the sense of "us-team".


The software allowed insightful look on the material collected, describing the categorization process and consequently the results of the study enhancing qualitative research. This study revealed the importance of teamwork, reinforcing the importance of the subjects to share with one another responsibilities and defining collective care strategies.

Primary Healthcare; Homeless People; Patient Care Team; Qualitative Research; Software

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