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Lactation induction in women who never got pregnant: experience report



to report the experience of lactation induction in women who never got pregnant by a lactation consultant nurse.


experience report. The process of lactation induction was performed with three women due to surrogate pregnancy and homosexual relationships.


all noticed an increase in the size and sensitivity of the breasts, as well as milk secretion. However, the continuity of breastfeeding was different between them. The first did not receive support from health professionals in the postpartum hospital setting, nor at home, and did not continue breastfeeding. The second received support from the hospital staff and her partner, breastfeeding for three months. The third, with the support of her partner, breastfed for two months, but stopped because she felt inhibited by family members.

Conclusion and implications for practice

the induction technique is capable of triggering milk production. However, the breastfeeding process was only established through the association with the support network, the reception, the encouragement of the health team, and the comprehensive view of the woman and her family. Thus, nursing care in lactation induction should not focus only on the management of induction, but transcend the technical aspect, which is essential for the protection, establishment, and continuity of breastfeeding.

Lactation; Breast Feeding; Sexual and Gender Minorities; Homosexuality, Female; Surrogate Mothers

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