The subject search at and of the nursing work: the Foucaul's event and the worker's subjections

Mara Ambrosina Vargas Flávia Regina Souza Ramos Joel Rolim Mancia Denise Pires About the authors

The reflexive essay approaches the subject at/of nursing work, grounded by the Foucault´s theoretical concept of event. It describes and analyzes four events that can synthesize some of the contemporary nursing problems, that is: different realities, man-machine hybridism, net of relations, and the process of construction of the scientific knowledge. It finds out that the current subjections of the nursing worker are much more complex, what makes impracticable to understand the subjectivity of the nurse considering only the notion of economic subjections. However, it indicates that, even not escaping from certain ways of subjection existing nowadays, there are some productive spaces proper for challenges, fights, and that offer the freedom required to rethink the nursing work.

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