Perceptions and practices of pregnant women attended in primary care using illicit drugs

Danielle Satie Kassada Sonia Silva Marcon Maria Angélica Pagliarini Waidman About the authors


To identify perceptions and practices of pregnant women in primary care on the use of abuse drugs.


A descriptive of qualitative approach research developed with 25 women drug users. The data were collected in July 2012 in Maringá - PR, through open interviews and subjected to content analysis.


The pregnant women reported difficulty in abandoning the use of drugs and the information about it during prenatal care is inadequate. It was observed that some of them feel fear and guilt from the possibility of harm to the fetus and others do not care about this possibility and also that illicit drug users feel judged and not supported by the professionals.


It is necessary to sensitize the professionals who do prenatal about the importance of welcoming, enlightening, guiding and supporting pregnant drug users, in order to promote a qualified prenatal care and harm reduction.

Drug Users; Illicit Drugs; Primary Health Care; Pregnant Women; Nursing

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