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Attitudes of healthcare professionals regarding the assessment and treatment of neonatal paina a Extract from research results of the study entitled: Knowledge transference in the use of non-pharmacological interventions for newborn’s pain relief during procedures considered painful. Post-doctoral Program at School of Nursing of Ribeirão Preto. State University of São Paulo. Year 2013.



To describe and analyze the attitudes of health professionals in relation to the evaluation and treatment of pain in newborns undergoing painful procedures in neonatal units.


This descriptive, exploratory, quantitative study was performed in a maternity hospital in the state of Rio de Janeiro. Participants were 42 nursing assistants/technicians, 22 nurses, 20 physicians and 02 physical therapists. Data were collected through a self-administered questionnaire covering the profile of the health professionals and their attitudes in the assessment and treatment of pain.


It was found that the professionals mentioned assessing NB pain through behavioral parameters, however, did not use scales and did not perform this evaluation systematically. The majority of the nursing professionals used non-pharmacological measures for pain relief, with wrapping being the most used.


There is a difference between what is prescribed and what is performed, indicating the existence of a gap between existing knowledge and the practice. Attitudes need to be changed and actions implemented according to the best available evidence.

Newborn; Pain; Nursing; Health Professionals; Health Practices

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