Pressure ulcer after hospital discharge and home care

Jaísa Valéria Moro Maria Helena Larcher Caliri About the authors



Identify the sociodemographic and health profile of patients who needed home care after hospital discharge, the level of risk for pressure ulcers using the Braden Scale, and the prevalence of ulcers in the context of home care.


A cross-sectional study with a quantitative approach was conducted after being approved by the Research Ethics Committee of the Ribeirão Preto College of Nursing. Data were collected in the patients' homes by means of interviews and skin inspection.


Of the 23 participants, 13 were at risk for pressure ulcers and the prevalence was 21.7%. Nine patients received home visits. Not all of the patients at risk performed all preventive measures properly.


It is necessary to improve the orientation given for home care during hospitalization and to create communication mechanisms among health services, so as to ensure adequate coordination and facilitate the continuity of care and patient safety.

Pressure Ulcer; Prevalence; Home Care; Nursing Care

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