Living between the nightmare and the awakening: the first time in dealing with peritoneal dialysis

Felipe Kaezer dos Santos Glaucia Valente Valadares About the authors

This article originates from a dissertation whose object was the significance of facing the customer carrier of chronic kidney disease by initiating peritoneal dialysis. The study subjects were considered from the perspective of symbolic interactionism, which emphasizes the significance of the elements of the world as determinants for the interaction. Following the methodological procedures of Grounded Theory were established paradigms of the five elements of analysis: Causes, Context, Factors Actors, Strategies for Action/Interaction and Consequences. The purpose of this discussion is finding ways by which the customer carrier faces chronic kidney disease on peritoneal dialysis, on the verge of realizing this method. Facing this new situation, the customer goes to a wake, abandoning the idea of death and making a clear distinction between chronic kidney disease and dialysis. If before, the two perceptions seemed to be just one, the awakening has peritoneal dialysis as the "anti-death" like a rebirth for life.

Nursing; Dialysis; Nursing Care

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