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Social representations of health professionals on negligenced diseases

Charles Souza Santos Antonio Marcos Tosoli Gomes Flávia Silva Souza Sergio Correa Marques Marcio Pereira Lobo Denize Cristina de Oliveira About the authors



To analyze the contents and the structure of social representations built by health professionals regarding neglected diseases.


This is a qualitative research, supported by the Theory of Social Representations that uses a structural approach, with 51 health professionals who work in care services for neglected diseases in a municipality in the state of Bahia. Data collected through free evocations to the inducing term neglected disease during the first half of 2016 and analyzed by EVOC software.


The representational structure was formed by four dimensions (social, individual, socio-individual and imaginary) that explained the interface between the possible central core with the terms neglect/lack of knowledge and the peripheral elements with the terms poverty/lack of investment.


The representational structure of health professionals translated the concept and image of neglected diseases, allowing for changes in individual and collective practices that are effective in combating these diseases.

Neglected diseases; Health; Qualitative research

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