Meanings of the health concept through the perspective of teachers in the health field

Bárbara Brezolin Dalmolin Dirce Stein Backes Cláudia Zamberlan Diego Schaurich Juliana Silveira Colomé Maria Helena Gehlen About the authors

This study aimed to comprehend the meanings of the health concept for professional teachers of an Institution of Higher Education. This exploratory descriptive research was conducted with coordinators of undergraduate courses in the health field. The results demonstrated that there is a paradox related to the meanings attributed to the health concept. While some teachers understand health as a complex phenomenon, others see it as a reductionist phenomenon. The data suggest that there have been important advances in the theoretical and conceptual apprehension of health though for some participants the health phenomenon is still ruled by reductionist and punctual conceptions. Reaching the broader meaning of the health phenomenon implies not only enlarging the interactive possibilities, but also a theoretical and practical articulation through debates and discussions that strengthen and promote the concept of health according to a broader perspective.

Health Education; Health Personnel; Nursing Research

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