Adherence of diabetics patient to pharmacological treatment with oral hypoglycemic agents

The objective was to identify the adherence of the diabetic from Sobral CE, Brazil, to pharmacological treatment with oral hypoglycemic agents. Were investigated 79 diabetics from six basic health units in Sobral-CE, Brazil, through home visits carried out between March and June 2007. For data collection, a structured form was used and the adapted Morisky-Green test was applied. Slightly more than half of the subjects (54.5%) indicated being careful don't to comply with the pre-established time for medication intake; most of them does not forget to take the medication (66%). Moreover, 90% of the subjects regret forgetting to take the oral hypoglycemic agents. It was identified that 54.4% and 45.5% were less adherent and more adherent to the drug therapy with oral hypoglycemic agents, respectively. Adherence to pharmacological treatment with oral hypoglycemic agents is fundamental for good glucose control and to prevent micro and macrovascular complications.

Diabetes mellitus; Patient compliance; Hypoglycemic Agents

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