The nursing staff in the face of pain among preterm newborns

Jesislei Bonolo do Amaral Taciana Alves Resende Divanice Contim Elizabeth Barichello About the authors


To characterize the nursing staff and identify how it assesses and manages pain for preterm newborns (PNB).


Descriptive exploratory study conducted in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) and Intermediate Care Unit of a university hospital in Uberaba, MG, Brazil. The study included 42 nursing professionals.


A total of 33 (78.6%) nursing technicians and nine (21.4%) nurses participated in the study. Thirteen (31%) were aged from 26 to 30 years old and were female. The participants were unanimous in regard to the ability of infants to feel pain. Crying (42/100%), facial expressions (40/95.2%), and heart rate (39/92.8%) were the parameters most frequently mentioned. Non-pharmacological measures were the most frequently used to relieve pain.


The team believes in the ability of infants to feel pain and links physiological indicators to behavioral ones, but there is a need to provide training on the topic.

Pediatric nursing; Pain; Infant, Newborn

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