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Experiences of hospitalized patients with the venipuncture process

Ludimila Brum Campos Jussara Regina Martins Cristina Arreguy-Sena Marcelo da Silva Alves Camila Vasconcelos Teixeira Luciene Carnevale de Souza About the authors



To understand the representational components, the origins of the participants' experiences with venipuncture process, their perceptions and (im)explicit markers of care demands according to Neuman.


Social Procedural Representation research, conducted with hospitalized adults with punctured veins in a hospital in Minas Gerais. Sample of 149 people with full selection. Individual interviews recorded using clipping and collage of comic books' technique. Content analysis applied NVivo and Neuman's theory.


Most participants were female age ≥ 50 years. Experiences contemplated own accounts, with third parties, families and professionals, perceived as dialogic, expressing feelings/behaviours, values, information/knowledge and representational objects, with those with families less significant due to the focus on care.


Selected comic books' speech fragments and images demonstrate exposure to stressors (intrapersonal, interpersonal and extra personal), presenting gaps in the demands of nursing care when integrating relational, cognitive/specialized and instrumental technologies.

Peripheral catheterization; Punctures; Culture; Hospitalization; Nursing

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