The feelings of women post mastectomized

Fernanda Maria de Jesus Sousa de Pires Moura Michelly Gomes da Silva Suziane Carvalho de Oliveira Lara de Jesus Sousa Pires de Moura About the authors

Qualitative research, which aimed to: describe the feelings of women about breast cancer and discuss the changes in a woman's life after breast cancer. It occurred in a gynecology outpatient clinic of a public hospital in Teresina. A total of thirteen women mastectomized. In the analysis of the interviews there were 3 categories: negative feelings generated by the perceived physical after mastectomy, positive feelings generated by the spiritual comfort and feelings generated by the lack of support and attention of professionals for assistance. The change in the lives of women with cancer is radical, mainly due to the diagnosis and treatment. The difficulties are incalculable, since it requires profound changes in the way of thinking and acting, which influences the physical and emotional personal and social interaction.

Breast câncer; Emotions; Mastectomy

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