The profile of people with Type 1 Diabetes considering their history of breast feeding

Dalila Teixeira Leal Flávia Andrade Fialho Iêda Maria Ávila Vargas Dias Lilian do Nascimento Wiviam Cristiane Arruda About the authors

This study had as objective, describe the profile of the users of the Hypertension, Diabetes and Obesity Control Service and discuss the relationship between the history of breastfeeding of child or teenager who have diabetes type 1 and development of this pathology. The collection of data was realized by a structured questionnaire, applied to parents or responsible for children or teenagers who have diabetes mellitus type 1, during the second semester of 2007. The data were analyzed in a quantitative approach that was based on a descriptive statistic. As a result it was presented the data referring to sample characterization, occurrence of early weaning, period of exclusive breastfeeding, post-weaning diet, and others. In the conclusion, it is evidenced the importance of a relationship between early weaning, with the consequent introduction of breast milk substitutes, and the development of Diabetes Mellitus Type 1.

Primary Health Care; Tuberculosis; Health Services Accessibility; Therapeutics

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