Work incidents with biological material in the nursing team of a hospital in Mid-Western Brazil

Trabajar accidentes con material biológico en el personal de enfermería en un hospital de la región central de Brasil

Dayra Cabral de Carvalho Jessica Cavalcante da Rocha Mariane Carli de Almeida Gimenes Ediálida Costa Santos Marília Duarte Valim About the authors



To investigate and describe the occurrence and characteristics of Work Incidents (WI) with Potentially Contaminated Biological Material (PCBM), the frequency and variables related to this occurrence among nursing categories.


A descriptive and cross-sectional study with a quantitative approach was performed at a referral hospital in the State of Mato Grosso, Mid-Western Brazil.


Women represented 90.5% of all participants and the mean age was 42.59 years. A total of 46.6% of professionals reported having undergone exposure to PCBM, 60.9% stated not having made a report, and 42.6% reported having participated in training courses on this subject. Comparing the occurrence of WI between nursing assistants and nurses, nursing assistants were more affected (p = 0.022).


Among nursing professionals, the number of WI is high, recurrent and underreported. Continuing education on this theme is required to ensure the quality of care and promote workers' health.

Work incident; Worker's health; Nursing team

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