Developing a nursing data colleting instrument to patients with lung cancer treated by chemotherapy in ambulatory

Anita Moda Salvadori José Luiz Tatagiba Lamas Cláudia Zanon About the authors

Cancer is a serious public health problem and among its varieties there is lung cancer, which is increasing among brazilian people and in all the world. Its main cause is tobacco use. There are three ways to treat lung cancer: surgery, radiotherapy and chemotherapy. The last one is the most used. Nurses should be apt to deal with problems of the patients, who are exposed to collateral effects at home. demonstrating in their homes side effects. The objectives of this research are preparing an instrument for collecting data for patients with cancer of the lung in outpatient chemotherapy, and assess the validity of its content and its reliability. This work was guided by selfcare theory, by Dorothea Orem. The instrument was validated by five judges. After that, it was submitted to a previous test and its reliability was determined by equivalence between obser vers. The instrument demonstrated reliability, measuring the parameters it is supposed to.

Nursing Process; Self Care; Drug Therapy; Lung Neoplasms

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