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Ambiguity: woman's manner of being in the secondary prevention of the breast cancer

The breast cancer magnitude impose valorizing the knowledge and acting before the disease and its precocious detection. In this study, of qualitative nature, guided by the phenomenology and based on the theoretical-methodological thinking of Martin Heidegger, it searched for hearing the being-woman-who-belongsto the-familiar-risk-group, with the aim at analyzing comprehensively her meanings of secondary prevention. Before empathic relation and reduction of presuppositions, there were interviewed thirteen women indicated by theirs clients familiars. The hermeneutics made possible the interpretative comprehension of the being-there, who showed facets of its existential dimension. Guided by the talking and fear, under the ambiguity domain, it does not recognize as being of possibilities. It lacks better comprehension to move itself to the de-cision by the secondary prevention. The construction of the concept of being and the sense revelation, can support the nurse' s assistance practice and favor the singular, integral and human care, that privileges the attentive hearing to the lived of the being-woman, in her existential movement of in-comprehensions and questions.

Breast cancer; Secondary prevention; Woman's health; Nursing in Oncology; Philosophy

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