Investigation about access to treatment of tuberculosis in Itaborái/RJ

Rute dos Santos Lafaiete Cleidiani Baptista da Silva Monalisa Garcia de Oliveira Maria Catarina Salvador da Motta Tereza Cristina Scatena Villa About the authors

Looking for the problems indicated in literature related to the access in primary health care, this study aimed to analyze the access to the treatment of tuberculosis in Itaboraí. It was a quantitative study, with 100 patients interviewed between August and September/2007. A Primary Care Assessment Tool instrument was validated and adapted to tuberculosis and used. RESULTS: 71 % always get medical service in 24 hours; 54 % related that the professional who supervises the treatment never visits their homes; 77 % receive treatment near their homes; 66% never miss the job and use motorized transportations; 62 % spend money for transportation; 93 % reported that never had lack of medications; 63 % reported that never wait more than 60 minutes for attendance. The fact is that some aspects like home visit, distribution of credit to transport needs to be reviewed. The medical service, the treatment near home, the offering of medications and the waiting for attendance was satisfactory.

Primary Health Care; Tuberculosis; Health Services Accessibility; Therapeutics

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