Social representations of health professionals about arterial hypertension: contributions to nursing

Maria Enoia Dantas da Costa e Silva Maria Eliéte Batista Moura About the authors

Arterial Hypertension, as a serious public health problem, presents difficulties to be controlled, highlighting the psychosocial dimension. The study aimed to apprehend the social representations of health professionals about the disease and its control measures, and explore the psychosocial aspects related to the knowledge, attitudes and behaviors of these professionals. Exploratory study realized in a health center, with 19 professionals whose data were collected from three focal groups and processed by the software Alceste 4.8. The demonstrations and explanatory descriptions showed the knowledge of professionals about the difficulties related to changes in the lifestyles of women with hypertension, and risk factors that contribute to the emergence of the disease. The knowledge of these aspects contributes to unmask the subjective issues, peculiar to Arterial Hypertension.

Health; Hypertension; Nursering cares

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