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The process of giving birth assisted by obstetrician nurse in a hospital context: mean for the parturients

Convergent-Services Program researches, that aimed to understand the meaning of what the parturient attributes to the process of giving birth assisted by a nurse, to the light of the Humanistic Theory and identify the contributions of this process to promote humanistic care. Data were collected in a public maternity hospital in Santa Catarina, with nine pregnant women, being obtained through dialogue lived during the implementation process of the Phenomenological Nursing. The analysis followed steps of apprehension, synthesis, theory and transfer, from which emerged the central category: the being-parturient recognizes in the obstetric nurse a differentiated caretaker, evidencing that its performance means respect to the femininity, gentleness, freedom of speech, learning, reassuring presence and courage in the most feared time. The pain is strongly referred, followed by the satisfaction for the healthy birth. It is concluded that the parturient attended by the obstetric nurse notices an intersubjective channel opened for the encounter, providing its mechanisms of indispensable call-answers under the care of yourself and of the newborn.

Obstetric Nursing; Humanized Childbirth; Normal Childbirth

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