Application of measures for preventing pressure ulcers by the nursing team before and after an education campaign

Elaine Olkoski Gisela Maria Assis About the authors



To evaluate the effectiveness of a campaign to promote the pressure ulcer prevention in a teaching hospital in Curitiba.


This is an exploratory and descriptive research using a quantitative approach, aimed at evaluating preventive measures applied to patients in intensive and semi-intensive care units, by means of the bed-to-bed evaluation with a check list containing the recommended measures.


The increase in the adhesion percentage was statistically significant for repositioning, lateralization angle and elevation of the head and calcaneus elevation. The sector that showed better adherence rates was the one whose team was more involved in discussions during the training activities.


There was effectiveness of the campaign for the better discussed items in the training. The effectiveness of this approach is dependent on the active staff participation in the discussion of measures to be applied and available resources. A continuous and systematic approach is needed.

Ulcer; Nursing; Health Education

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