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Systematization of nursing assistance as a care management tool: case study

It's about a qualitative study, a single case study type, where was adopted a triangulation of techniques in order to obtain data collection (structured questionnaire, systematic observation and documental analysis) and content analysis according to Bardin for analysis. The objective was to determine whether the nurses of the infectious diseases of a university hospital consider the Systematization of nursing assistance (SNA) as a tool for care management and examine whether the SNA as a management instrument, provides the basis for their actions of caring. It was identified that the subjects understand what the SNA is and what the care management means, and that they see a relationship between both of them. It was detected that there is a gap between what is said and what is really practiced. It's not possible to consider that the SNA, as a management tool, provides the basis for caring. Strategies that allow the management of nursing services to get a feedback on these aspects are recommended.

Nursing Administration Research; Nursing Process; Communicable Diseases

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